underwear dust



    underwear dust

    Post by Guest on Fri Feb 06, 2009 4:39 pm

    One evening a Husband, thinking he was being funny, said to his wife 'Perhaps we should start washing your Clothes in Slim Fast. Maybe it would take a few inches off of your Butt!'

    His Wife was not amused, and decided that she simply couldn't let such a comment go unrewarded.

    The next morning the Husband took a pair of underwear out of his drawer. 'What the Hell is this?' he said to himself as a little 'dust' cloud appeared when he shook them out.

    'April,' he hollered into the bathroom, 'why did you put Talcum Powder in my Underwear?'

    She replied with a snicker.

    'It's not talcum powder,

    It's 'Miracle Grow ! '

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    Great joke!

    Post by mikyleange on Fri Feb 06, 2009 9:07 pm

    ROFLMAO! That is a great joke! Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing


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    Re: underwear dust

    Post by Victoriala on Sun Feb 08, 2009 9:31 pm

    lolz, tell us more! Laughing

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    Re: underwear dust

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