Scavenger Hunt Clues


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    Scavenger Hunt Clues

    Post by Silopanna on Sat Apr 06, 2013 6:01 pm

    1. Planted they will protect taters & onions
    2. Used in 8 quests, available in 5 stores, and respawns every 45 seconds in Erkles office.
    3. Heals 700 Life Points however lowers attack by 2.
    4. Obtained from the cocoons of silkworm, though Gielinor is cocoon free.
    5. If “Rocky” needed food, Bullwinkle should use this.
    6. Willy Wonka & Hershey Approved.
    7. Of all the gnome cocktails, this requires the most ingredients to make.
    8. A Golden Warbler should be sought.
    9. A myriad of items will produce this item, from pineapples, to tree roots, to some berries & herbs even.
    10. Never diseased in growth, not edible for players & helpful with Calquats.
    11. One of “I love Lucy’s” most well known episode involved her stomping on these.
    12. Causes your screen to sway back and forth, lowers attack by 40 and increases strength by 10.
    13. All chests in Dorgesh Kaan require this.
    14. Arhein is able to provide 80 per day.
    15. The only item Creeping Hands will eat.
    16. Great for hangovers, and 27 have an island of their very own.
    17. Not easily seen on Brimhaven, some very strange plants might be needed.
    18. Baa Baa Black sheep have you any…Yes Sir! Yes Sir! Three bags full.
    19. The primary berry in all defense potions.
    20. The Hand in the Sand required – Not Rubble, Boop, Grable, Ugly, White, Davis, Crocker or Ford…

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