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    post cards to Brandon Horst Empty post cards to Brandon Horst

    Post by biggerstick2 on Mon Jun 18, 2012 9:32 pm

    this is Kemahrunes facebook posting on her nephew's request for mail from around the world

    Hello everyone, I have a request for you all. My 17 year old nephew Brandon, my sister's son, disobeyed his mother when he was told NO to horseback riding and was thrown over the head of a horse. The way he fell severely broke is back. He is currently in the hospital paralyzed from his armpits to his toes. The doctors did surgery to stabilize Brandon's broken bones enough to where he can be moved without causing more harm. It took 2 12 inch rods and 10 screws. He will never walk, he can not even sit up without being tied in.

    This is a whole lot for any 17 year old to swallow. He is doing pretty good. A few weeks ago he asked about maybe someone could send him a card or post card. Well that is the purpose of this note. I am asking if you can see your way clear to send my nephew a post card to let him know there are people out here praying for him and he is not alone. The words really don't matter, he is a teenager , he just wants the mail. He would be thrilled to see the postmarks from all over the country. Thanks in advance! Dorie- aka kemahrune

    The home address is: (I don't know how long he will be at the hospital, he needs to go to rehab center)
    Brandon Horst
    Brian Horst
    102 Amherst Ave.
    Wilkes-barre, Pa 18702

    He currently is at :

    Brandon Horst Room 532
    Geisinger Medical Center
    100 North Academy Ave.
    Danville, Pa 17822

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