il gato ... we have a forum?!

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    il gato ... we have a forum?!

    Post by il gato on Sun Mar 04, 2012 6:24 am

    Hi loungers,

    I've been an Adult Lounge member for a few months now, but only just realized we had a forum! I'm a tad on the slow side. Ha!

    Some mundane factoids about il gato:

    - my rs name is Italian for "the cat"

    - been playing rs since early 2003 as best as I can recall (though I've been inactive for long periods)

    - I live on the West Coast of Canada, though I move around a lot for work

    - Married for 8+ years, no children, ... well actually two children, but we're both 40

    I've enjoyed my drama-free time in the Lounge and foresee myself sticking around for a long time.

    il gato

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