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    Who is TEXASLADI75... Empty Who is TEXASLADI75...

    Post by Guest on Fri Aug 05, 2011 3:59 pm

    Well, I'm me...you either like me or not! Sometimes it takes a while to get to know me & understand my personality before you CAN like me lol I tend to pick on ppl & be sarcastic...in a 100% friendly way, please never take anything I say or do seriously! lol! Funny thing, if you met me in person you'd think I was mad at the world..but I'm really just shy until I get to know ppl (can't tell on here of course jocolor )!!!

    RL name is Kristy. Stay at home mom. Got engaged when I was 15...married at 18, we're still together 21 years later (must be doing most things right!), we have a 16 yr old son that is my life! I love animals & have quite a few! I won't name them all, I'll sound like a hoarder, which I probably do qualify as one! tongue

    I don't have many RL friends, small area & everyone knows everyone's business because most can't keep their mouth shut so I have kept to myself the last few years! I've become bitter & just don't have time for drama or BS! Cool

    Love the color purple, love my computer & online gaming, love to fish & hunt, love all kinds of music, movies, tv shows! Love taking pics, I'll probably bore you all with pics later flower I also love looking at other ppl's photos!

    Don't like sports unless my son is playing...he was just named in Texas Football Magazine as a Sophomore prospect to watch, so very proud & hope it works out for him! He also went to regionals as a freshman in Power Lifting, hoping for state this year as a Sophomore! I love you

    That's pretty much who I am cheers

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