Rules for Adult Lounge Clan Chat Moderators


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    Rules for Adult Lounge Clan Chat Moderators Empty Rules for Adult Lounge Clan Chat Moderators

    Post by Chief262b on Sun Feb 01, 2009 4:22 am

    1. All mods should treat visitors, guests, and members as they would like to be treated, please remember AL is supposed to be fun.

    2. If there is a question as to someones eligibility to be in or become a member of Adult Lounge, the suspecting mod should invite the suspected ineligible guest/visitor to a private message interview. During the interview mod should gather facts to forward to Chief for final determination.

    3. If you feel that the guest/visitor is not responding to your request for a PM interview, you should warn them that failure to comply will result in a booting, if the guest/visitor still fails to comply then and only then should the guest/visitor be booted.

    4. If a mod feels that they are about to begin arguing in public they should invite the other party to a PM discussion, if they do not comply refer to rule 3 for guidance.

    5. If behavior that is deemed to be inappropriate is observed, it is the responsibility of the highest ranking mod in the chat at that time to handle the situation, there is a reason you have been given rank. (we trust you to do the right thing)

    6. We are all adults, bickering in the chat is not to be accepted. Especially by those chosen to moderate this chat

    7. If someone is obviously underage and being rebellious again refer to rule 3 but do not hesitate to remove the offender. while it should be pointed out that booting should always be the last resort, we should not be reckless or careless with our powers.

    8. At no time should anyone even playfully threaten to boot anyone because of personal feelings, this type of behavior will be grounds to have your mod powers removed. And we do not want to remove powers from any of our trusted members!!!

    9. Please remember that this is a game and is supposed to be fun, and that many of our members are here to avoid not only conflicts and drama in the game, but to escape the same pressures in our real lives.

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