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    Rules for Adult Lounge Clan Chat Empty Rules for Adult Lounge Clan Chat

    Post by Chief262b on Sun Feb 01, 2009 4:00 am

    Welcome to the Adult Lounge a place where adult Runescape players can escape from the antics and attitudes of the younger Runescape crowd, In a fun and helpful, zero pressure atmosphere.

    Adult Lounge Clan Chat member rules of conduct

    1. All Adult Lounge members must be adults, though the age of passage from adolescence to adulthood varies greatly around the world, the adult lounge considers those who have attained the maturity of 21yr old to be adults. While it against the rules for us to ask your age, we will quickly find out your maturity lvl and if you are not a mature player, well you will be asked to leave the Adult Lounge.

    2. All members of the Adult Lounge are expected to carry themselves in a mature manner and be respectful of the feelings of other members at all times.

    3. Members of the Adult Lounge should report any behavior that they deem to be disrespectful or abusive (this includes moderator behavior) to a senior member of the Adult Lounge, for consideration of corrective action. When at all possible members should take a screen shot of any offensive behavior that is witnessed and reported so that it may be more accurately reviewed by Adult Lounge Moderators.

    4. Members of the Adult Lounge should endeavor to have fun, get help, or help others at all times. Sometimes all three at the same time, remember this is a game and we play to relax and have fun!

    5. Members are encouraged to share any tips or secrets they believe to be helpful to other members of the Adult Lounge. Notice I said encouraged not required, we want the atmosphere to be of ZERO PRESSURE.

    6. Members are encouraged to invite any mature adults they enjoy playing the game with to check out the Adult Lounge, hopefully they will like what they see, and we will gain a new friend.

    7. Members from time to time may be asked to enter into a pm discussion with a senior member of the Adult Lounge to discuss an occurrence within the Adult Lounge, if asked to pm with a senior member compliance is required, if you choose not to comply, you will be booted for a cooling off period.

    8. Verbal abuse will not be tolerated in the Adult Lounge, again we are here to have a good time so lets all play nicely, and remember the golden rule. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

    9. Participation in Adult Lounge activities is not required, but is encouraged, you may find you enjoy some of our group activities.

    10. Conversations pertaining to political, religious, or adult relationships are not allowed, and while suggestive comments and discussions may be fun for some, others will find these comments to be offensive.

    Always consider the feelings of others when speaking in the Adult Lounge.

    11. Those who continue to violate these rules or jagex rules will find themselves permanently banned from the Adult Lounge.

    12. Show Respect: We expect all members to treat others with the utmost respect. This includes in private messaging, public chat, voice chat or any other contact you have with fellow clanmates. Sexually suggestive comments are not welcome by all and can end in an uncomfortable situation. If you say and do things that make others uncomfortable it could eventually end in a situation where we will remove you from the clan to protect the other members.

    If your actions result in bringing drama or problems to the clan the end result could be your removal from the clan.

    If your in game relationship brings drama or problems to the clan the end result will be you and your partners removal from the clan

    We tried to keep the rules simple and easy to follow but updated them to clarify what is expected of players using the "Adult Lounge"

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