A baby polar bear



    A baby polar bear

    Post by Guest on Sat Mar 14, 2009 11:28 am

    A baby polar bear was sitting with his mum on the ice.

    "Mum," he asked, "am I a real polar bear?"

    "Yes darling, of course you are." his mother answered.

    "Yeah but, am I a proper polar bear, you know, a real one?"

    "Yes dear," his mum replied,

    "Well waht about dad? Is he a polar bear?" he asks.

    "Yes" says mum. "You're dad is a polar bear too. I'm a polar bear and your a polar bear."

    "I know that mum," he said, "but am I a proper polar bear?"

    "Of course you are dear" said his mum.

    A minute later the baby polar bear asks "Mum, what about Grandad, is he a polar bear?"

    "Look," she says, "You're a polar bear, Dads a polar bear, I'm a polar bear, Grandads a polar bear, everyones a polar bear. Now! Why do you keep asking me?"

    "Well," he replies, "I'm bloody freezing!"

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